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  • Great Infra Integrated ready to handle all type of road and highway projects around the India, has unmatched expertise in all project procurement models and works ...
  • The projects with design , construction , finance , operation and maintenance components.
  • Great Infra Integrated will overcome all types of technical challenges.


  • The use of the latest technologies, and innovative ideas in meeting and overcoming technical challenges ...
  • Bridges are one of the most crucial parts of a road or highway network..
  • Without bridges, it becomes impossible to overcome the terrain differences and get the network through waterbodies. Bridges overcome the connectivity issues and are also designed and constructed to relieve the traffic congestion in cities..


  • Great Infra Integrated is constantly exploring new construction systems and solutions to be incorporated in its projects in order to obtain the best results in quality, timeliness and final cost....
  • We ready to explore different construction domains and accomplishing projects concerning buildings of different types..
  • The team's expertise and experience in the construction domain allow us to work on building construction projects that have different customised requirements depending on the purpose the building is being constructed for.


  • Great Infra Integrated Handling projects on LAND & INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENTS .
  • Construction Of Investment Building And All Related Services And Other Ancillary Work..
  • We are at constructing and land developments of all types and sizes, including.


  • We handle Tenders of work contracts generally awarded.


  • Big infrastructure initiatives are often created using a combination of approaches. ..
  • A turnkey project is one that is conceived, constructed, and equipped with all necessary facilities under the terms of a contract.
  • When it is ready to start doing business, it is sold to a buyer. Obviously, the firm in charge of constructing a turnkey project does so for the agreed-upon price.


  • We are an integrated facility management company committed to promoting safety, comfort, and growth in the facilities we manage with the help of people who care, technologies that are efficient, and approaches that are sustainable ...
  • With a workforce of skilled professionals, we have the resources and expertise to handle any aspect of facility management.
  • Whether it's keeping your office clean and well-maintained with our soft services, or ensuring that your building's electrical, air conditioning, and heavy equipment are functioning at their best with our hard services, we are here to help you improve office productivity and create a better brand experience for your customers and employees.


  • Initiation – the project goal, need or problem is identified. The project manager is assigned to the project and the project charter is created...
  • Planning – the project manager and the project team work together to plan all of the needed steps to reach a successful project conclusion. The project planning processes are iterative in nature and it’s expected that planning will happen often throughout the project..
  • Closing – at the end of each stage and at the end of the entire project, project closure happens to ensure that all of the work has been completed, is approved, and ultimately transferred ownership from the project team to operations..

Handling Contract works

  • Handling contracts are work contract generally awarded for handling of Parcels and Goods at Originating transhipment points, intermediate stations etc. These contracts are being awarded as the loading, unloading and otherwise handling of Parcels and goods ( at transhipment points) to be managed by Railways. These contracts may be awarded for a particular station or for a group of stations. ...
  • The nature of the work which the contractor has to perform at the BUILDING, yards and premises of the Railway Administration will include; Loading/unloading of goods, loading/unloading of goods from transhipment point, sick and damaged wagons etc..
  • All minor operations necessary for the effective performance of the foregoing operations. Handling of unconnected wagons